The Rev. Felipe Ehican discusses the Theology of the Cross for the Philippines

Episode 6 · January 2nd, 2017 · 11 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

In November, [The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod](, [Luther Academy](, and the Lutheran Church in the Philippines hosted a conference. The Rev. Ross Johnson, LCMS Disaster Response, discussed how mercy and the theology of the cross interact. The Rev. Prof. John T. Pless discussed the Two Kingdoms and how it might inform the work of the LCP.

The Rev. Felipe Ehican, pastor and vice president of the LCP shared how the Philippines benefits from the theology of the cross. The Philippines frequently endures natural disaster, and understanding how God works in suffering provides a great theological foundation for the work of the church.

Rev. Ehican also explained how the Two Kingdoms is particularly relevant for the LCP as a result of upheavals both in the culture and the political realm.

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