In the Holy Spirit's Time

Episode 19 · August 27th, 2018 · 25 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

For the last three years, Pr. Chuck Hoffman served International Lutheran Church, Seoul S. Korea. While there, he shared the Gospel with many people from many different backgrounds. Recently. Pr. Hoffman acceptd a call to serve a congregation in the United States.

Last month, as he prepared to return to the United States, I asked if he could share some stories from his time of service as a missionary. He offered this sermon for our podcast today. It's the story of Mu Chong and his deathbed conversion to the Christian faith; Mu Chong, a Taiwanese native, is Pr. Hofmman's father-in-law.

Pr. Hoffman now serves Christ Lutheran Church in Boyne City, Michigan. We in the Asia region thank him for his service. We also continue to pray for International Lutheran Church, Seoul, as they search for another pastor to bring them Christ's gifts.

So, listen in; hear how the Holy Spirit worked in the life of Mu Chong through the witness of Lutherans in both word and deed.

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A quick thank you to Paul Norris and Sarah Frank for the music today. This recording of "Abide With Me" was played by Paul Norris and Sarah Frank. Paul produced the recording.

Thank you for listening.